Map is a macos application for wardley mapping. It lets you use text to create and update maps quickly.

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Here's some screenshots of the app and example diagrams generated with it.

Screenshot, Light Mode Screenshot, Dark Mode Diagram Output
Thumbnail of a screenshot of the application in light mode Thumbnail of a screenshot of the application in dark mode Thumbnail of an example wardley map generated by the app in dark mode

Language Reference


Nodes should be of the format Name (x,y). The name can contain spaces and \n, and the x/y can be integers or decimals. All dimensions go from 0 - 100, so 50 means 50% of the way through. You can also specify the shape by appending `[Square]`, `[Triangle]`, or `[x]`. eg.


Edges connect two nodes. They use the format Node -- Node (line only) or Node -> Node (with arrowhead). eg.


You can place a blocker in front of a node by using [Blocker] Node. eg.


You can draw evolution arrows by using [Evolution] Node +x or [Evolution] Node -x. eg.


You can add notes [Note] (x, y) Text where x and y are numbers, and Text is any text with spaces or \n

Modifying the axes

If you need more space for one of the four segments you can use [I] x, [II] x, or [III] x,

The parser doesn't enforce position, so if you put axis iii before axis i, you'll get some rendering issues.